Thanks again for supporting rescue and doing an amazing job on our new logo!

Save Me Rescue,
Save Me Dog Rescue


Hyedie is able to deliver projects in a timely manner and meets deadlines when given to her.

Brenda Harrison,
Canadian Gift Association


Hyedie is, in short, amazing. She is very creative, knowledgeable and dependable. There have been many times that she has gone outside her "normal" duties in order to help solve problems or source materials etc. She has been with us for over 9 years now. We have been very happy with the work that she has done.

Terra Donovan,
Along Came Baby


Hyedie's work is excellent! She's reliable, understands our needs and her pricing is fantastic.

Sylvie Labrosse,
Community Living Toronto


Hyedie is a pleasure to work with. Fresh designs and ideas - and great service!

Chris Allsop,
The Value Communicator


Hyedie is very responsive (both with her time and the excellent quality of her work). She is also very creative and bouncing ideas off her is very enjoyable. I highly recommend her (and have done so to others often in the past).

Don Cameron,
formerly of Cameron MacKendrick LLP, Toronto


Happy D Designs is a wonderful agency to work with! Regardless of size or budget, Hyedie puts in 110% to achieve a fabulous finished piece. I am grateful that Hyedie donated her time to help us put together a brochure for our charity Waves of Hope. Thanks Hyedie!

Kayley Collum,
Fundraising Chair and Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator, Waves of Hope


We have been delighted with the creativity and responsiveness that Hyedie provides. She is an absolute pleasure to work with!

Scott MacKendrick,
formerly of Cameron MacKendrick LLP, Toronto


I have worked extensively with Hyedie. She is a pleasure to work with. She understands my brand and sees my vision, and then delivers outstanding work. Will gladly continue to hire and work with Hyedie on projects going forward.

Leah Norman,
Marketing Coordinator, Pallett Valo LLP